Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update

What an amazing weekend! Brian and I headed out early on Friday morning to rendezvous with my parents for the drive over to Lake Chelan area. Since wine tasting was sort of the theme of the weekend, we couldn't resist a stop at Wedge Mountain Winery for our first tasting. We met the winemaker, and tasted some yummy wines!

The view from Wedge Mountain Winery

Bo, Kim, and Rian had already arrived at Desert Canyon Resort, and were ready for golf when we pulled in. It was a very windy and challenging 9 holes, but we had a great time despite losing so many balls.

Rian giving Bo some much needed golf advice.

Brian in the sand...

The view from the signature hole..

The next morning we woke up and enjoyed a golf lesson from our resident pro...Bo. We then packed up the cars and headed out for tasting! We hit KarMa Winery, Chelan Estate Winery, Nefarious Cellars, Tsillan Winery, Tunnel Hill Winery, Benson Winery, and Vin Du Lac Vineyards. The wine was great, better than expected, but what really impressed all of us was just how gorgous Lake Chelan was. The scenery was out of this world, and none of us had been to a wine region where there was a body of water so close. It made for some spectacular views.

One of the many scenic views...

Some grapes fresh off the vine

View from Nefarious

View from Vin due Lac

Family photo!

We were also lucky enough to celebrate my Mom's birthday on Saturday night! Bo and I worked together to create Mom's chosen meal of ribs, corn, and cupcakes. We also enjoyed some of the delicious wine we purchased throughout the day.

The next morning we set off for home, stopping in Leavenworth, Washington to enjoy some brats,beer...and a couple more wine tastings. Leavenworth is the Pacific Northwest's very own German town, and we took advantage of the shops and purchased some attire for my "Jentoberfest" party coming up!

Doesn't it look like we stopped in Germany on the way home?

More fun hats...

It was a great weekend! Thanks to everyone for making it come together!!


*PS...thanks to Mom/Jani for all the photos!!