Monday, March 30, 2009


Just a quick update of the past couple of weeks!

We're busy, busy, busy as time winds down to Baby P's birthday! Lots of preparation going on. My parents came down last week to help out with getting the room ready and major home organization. It's still a work in progress, but it's painted, the furniture's put together, and Brian's amazing artwork is on the walls! (Very securely in case you were wondering) We're still in the hunt for a rocker/glider, and Brian's hard at work on even more flowers to decorate the walls, but we're getting there. We're so thankful that we had help...It's a bit overwhelming!

Just some of the amazing art...

A bit cluttered right now, but another view of the work-in-progress.

More pics are available on Brian's blog.

We've also been busy with work (Brian's especially busy), birth classes, yoga, doctors appts, and trying to squeeze in some fun here and there. This Saturday, after Brian's practice drive to the hospital, we had a YUMMY dinner at Via Tribunali in Capitol Hill. Absolutely delicious pizza!! On Sunday we took advantage of the sunshine, and went golfing for the first time this year. I think pregnancy's made me a better golfer...crazy! We also took a nice long walk with the dogs in the evening and cooked up a teriyaki bbqfeast upon returning home. We also secured tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld in a few weeks at the Paramount. Neither of us have ever seen him live, so we're really looking forward to that!

Have a great week...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Long Overdue...Hawaii Babymoon

A couple of weekends ago we headed off for a few days for our "babymoon!" Our last vacation...sans baby. We decided to spend it in Maui on the Ka'anapali coast. It was totally relaxing, we didn't do much except lounge by the pool & beach, explore Lahaina, eat some yummy food, and enjoy a massage. We didn't take quite as many pics as we usually do, but here's what we have!

We arrived late in the afternoon on Day 1...enough time to put our toes in the sand and catch a bit of sunlight (through the rain drops).

Jen tries to blend in with the locals upon arrival

Brian enjoys his first fruity umbrella drink of the weekend

Our dinner on night #1 was at a Benihana-style restaurant...hence the onion inferno.

Day #2 was a trip to Lahaina. We stopped at Longs Drugs where Brian picked up many, many pairs of Locals Flip Flops...His staple footwear. Then we were off to Lahaina town to wander around, explore local art galleries, and have lunch!

Brian in a Banyan tree jail on our rainy journey to Lahaina.

Jen also experience the Banyan tree incarceration

Brian enjoys a mai tai and a restaurant strangely enough called...Mai Tai's.

The sun came out on day three...and we spent quite a lot of time sitting by the pool and lounging around the beach.

The standard foot shot while lounging by the pool

A gorgeous tropical flower

Brian decided to spice up the lazy day by jumping off the "cliff." I swear...that is
him waving in the picture.

What I didn't know was that Brian had stepped on a sea urchin prior to his jump. His foot was full of spikes!

Despite Brian's foot injury, we headed up to the Westin for some shopping, a massage, and then Dinner.

Brian tries to offset the cost of the trip in an unusual way

A very relaxed post-massage dinner

On the beach for an evening stroll

The weather cooperated on our last day, so we worked on our tans (or touristy sunburns as it turns out), and got ready to hit the airport for a red eye home!

The view from the hotel as we got ready to head out

A farewell picture

After a particularly turbulent flight home, we arrived exhausted and relaxed...and surprised by the snow on the ground!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Other People's Opinions

I would like an explanation as to why being pregnant seemingly opens you up to any and all commentary about the way you live your life, and the choices you make. It is my understanding that I'm not in the minority on this, as most of my pregnant friends have experience this judgement. I just had the following exchange:

When ordering a tall coffee misto (heavy on the fat free milk) at Starbucks, I was met with hesitation and a a skeptical glare.

"What is the problem," I asked?

"Hmmm, nothing," the little barista squeaked at me as he hesitantly turned back to his register." "'re clearly pregnant," he accused.

"I am, yes. But that doesn't mean I can't have a small cup of coffee in the morning."

"Doesn't coffee cause, uh, problems. I don't know if I feel comfortable serving you that."

I stumbled over an unnecessary explanation to a MALE STARBUCKS BARISTA about how coffee is typically avoided during the first trimester, but it's usually fine to have 1-2 cups of caffeinated coffee or tea after that. As I was making excuses for my horrible habit, I became quite irate.

"Actually," I said..interrupting my own explanation, "I would just like my coffee please."

I left the store (with my coffee) feeling humiliated and a bit embarrassed, as a line of other customers heard the entire exchange.

As I walked away, I went over the times in my head that I've been chastised or criticized for doing things while pregnant that are perfectly fine. I'm routinely questioned at the gym as to why I'm still working out while pregnant. As I walked a perfectly reasonable pace on the treadmill, the woman next to me told me I could be hurting my unborn child. I ran a 1/2 marathon when I was 9 weeks pregnant, and walking's COMPLETELY healthy and wonderful to do during your pregnancy. Was she angry at me that though I was 31 weeks pregnant, she still had about 30 pounds on me? I do not know.

I also apparently should not wear high heels, despite the fact that I am more comfortable in stilettos then in flats. I should not eat steamed crab meat, which is a complete misnomer.

Other people's opinions are not limited to my appearance and food/beverage intake. I was told that even though I've decided to give birth without the aid of pain meds or an epidural, that I will be "Begging for drugs" during my labor. What makes this particular comment so ludicrous is that it was made by a childless male fellow employee. (Which is all kinds of wrong) I've been given a wild amount of advice from strangers on child rearing, the benefits of catholic schools over public schools, and much, much more. Over-sharing is also a common issue. Did I REALLY need to know the size and shape of my hair dresser's wife's pelvis? Seriously?

My favorite comment this week from a strange man sitting on a bench at Nordstroms: "You look great....I mean for a pregnant person." Backhanded compliments are SO nice.

Rant over. Sorry.

I promise I will post pics of Hawaii and the baby shower soon! I've been sick this week!!