Friday, April 24, 2009

Dare I say...Spring is here??

The weather's been (for the most part) really great this past week or so, and we've been busy as usual. Last weekend was spent going on walks and enjoying the weather.

The first sign that spring is here is some of the animals are out at the park in Juanita. It's a little too early for the baby ducks, but there were definitely some animals out. (And we got to practice with our new lens!)

Turtles enjoying the sun

I'm sure I could have asked one of the many bird watchers what KIND of bird this was...

More wild animals spotted...

Beautiful flowers are making an appearance...and jump starting our allergies!

More beautiful causes of allergies

We golfed early on Sunday, where Brian beat me for the first time. I would like to play the "I'm Pregnant and that's Why" card, but he played really well. We then headed out to Ballard for a tour of the new hospital we'll be going to for baby's birth, followed by a bbq with Rob, Nicole, Elliott, & Jacqueline.

Ponch Portrait

Polly Portrait

This week has been busy with doctors appts, work, and a little bit of fun. We got to see Seinfeld at the Paramount theater last night. He's still got it...I laughed for over an hour straight!

This weekend is shaping up to be another nice one. A surprise visit from Julia and a ladies Tea Party are the highlights!

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The room is complete...I think!

So glad it's the weekend!! It's been a busy week, especially for Brian, who's been working 7 days a week for the past couple of weeks. I do not envy him. I decided to put my day to good use while he was slaving away, and get the baby's room pulled together. Brian put in countless hours on the artwork and my dad and Brian put in a long day of painting and furniture construction, so I figured it was my turn.

After weeks of agonizing over fabric and design choices for a glider/rocker, we decided to go with a very prestigious and famous design house...have you heard of Ikea? It's from Europe, and tres chic. I braved the warehouse this morning, and picked up a chair and a table to round out the room. After a few hours of cursing and trying to figure out Ikea's instruction manuals, I got it all done. (These pics are not great...a room this small isn't ideal for photography, but you get the gist.)

The view from the hallway

The changing table

A close up of some of Brian's animals

The new table

Another view of my handiwork (the chair)...I hope the chair holds up under our weight.

I also put together our fancy stroller, which has been sitting in a box for a couple of weeks. The Uppa Baby Stroller! I love it, as much as a person who has never had use for a stroller can love such an item. It came with a bassinet, a toddler seat, all sorts of rain shields, sun sheilds, and bug shields. The car seat also sits right in it. We did a ludicrous amount of research on strollers, and this one suits our needs best!

Behold...the Uppa Baby!

Brian also did some belly shots this morning...34 weeks!! 46 days until d-day!!

Polly, I'm in disbelief about my belly too!

Now we're off to Lynden for probably the last visit before baby is born. We'll have Easter tomorrow morning, maybe golf, and hopefully hit the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon on the way home!

Have a nice bunny day!