Monday, January 26, 2009

Brrr...Weekend update!

It was a relaxing, but productive (and chilly weekend)! Not much exciting to report. We went for our usual walk on Saturday was a gorgeous day. We then headed up to Lynnwood (ugh) to pick up the amazing crib and changing table for baby Patenaude that my parents bought for us! Brian continued work on the baby room art project, and we enjoyed a nice dinner at Brix in Kirkland. And as always...we took the opportunity to practice taking pics with our new camera. (I think we're getting better)

As always...Brian breaking the rules

Polly pauses for her glamour shot

Ponch makes an effort at one too..

Brian...aka "Grizzly Adams"

Juanita Park is pretty any time of year

Sunday was more errand running. I also forced Brian into taking a partner pre-natal yoga class with me at 8 Limbs. It was more of a birthing class than a yoga class, but there was a lot of good info, and a few stifled giggles during a few of the poses. Brian also took a couple more belly shots...24 weeks and counting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Update!

What a wonderful long weekend in Seattle. The weather was gorgeous, and we didn't really have anything on our plates to take care of. It was relaxing and fun, and we got to enjoy the sun!!

Saturday we headed over to look at some houses with our real estate agent...we saw some gorgeous places, but are still holding out for perfection. We then went downtown for a bit to have a late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Steelhead Diner, took a nice walk around the market, and then headed home for a quiet night.

Sunset at the Market

Jen Poses at the top of the hill...

We couldn't believe our luck on Sunday when it was sunny...again! It felt like springtime. We decided to venture over to Gas Works Park. Gas Works Park is an abandoned factory that was originally created to manufacture gas from coal - later converted to crude oil. Import of natural gas in the 1950's made the plant obsolete. The city acquired the site for a park in 1962.The boiler house has been converted to a picnic shelter with tables, fire grills and an open area. The former exhauster-compressor building, now a children's play barn, features a maze of brightly painted machinery.'s a huge park with an amazing view, and a great place to practice taking pictures with our new camera! The hounds loved it too!

Brian after his long journey up "Kite Hill"

Polly enjoys climbing on the old machinery

The Space Needle in the distance..

A shot of Jen near the entrance to the park

Brian poses near a "stay off" of many that were being ignored all over the park. (The child behind him simply would not move out of the shot)

A view of some of the old machinery...Since there was absolutely no information anywhere in the park, we had no idea what any of it did.

A long shot of the factory

Brian, with some people in the background.

Brian had to work Monday, but I spent the day enjoying the sun, which made another appearance. I took a very long walk with the dogs, did some pre-natal yoga, and prepared a new dish in my Le Creuset. (Slow cooked Asian style short ribs, fragrant Jasmine rice, and grilled baby bok choy) I had a total homemaker day! It was fun.

Today...not so fun, despite the incredible inauguration this morning. Brian's car might be gasping it's last breath as we speak, and I had my tooth pulled and the first stage of an implant put it. Not fun, very painful. I will be having soup and frozen yogurt for dinner tonight!

Have a great week!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Pre-Weekend Update

I've said it of the many reasons I love working downtown is the easy access to Pike Place Market, and the surrounding shops/vendors. I like it even better during the winter becuase, despite the cold weather and rain, it's much more tolerable...No tourists! (Or very few). I decided to take advantage today, and wander through the market to see if I would be inspired for dinner tonight. I ended up with quite a feast, though not much of it requires cooking. I first hit DeLaurenti Specialty Foods, probably one of my favorite markets ever. (Besides Oakville Grocery in Napa Valley and Hediard on the Rue de Madeleine in Paris). The overwhelming selection makes it tough to choose, but I selected a number of treats for our "Market Feast" for this evening. Aged Gruyere cheese & white aged canadian cheddar, some salamis...Framani Salametto & Hot Sopressata from Salumi, fresh bread from Macrina Bakery, caperberries, castelvetrano olives, and some white truffle honey to top it off! I then wandered into the market and picked up some lump dungeness crab meat, and fresh cocktail sauce, as well as some chilean cherries, california strawberries (so sweet for this time of year), and some delicious red and green grapes! Quite a feast! I feel so lucky every time I venture over to the market to pick up food for dinner. There aren't many places that give you such amazing access to fresh meat, fish, and produce. It's a dream!!

It's been a busy week for both Brian and I, so we're both looking forward to some downtime this weekend. We're doing some househunting, and then hopefully enjoying the alleged sunny day we're supposed to have tomorrow! Another post (with pictures) soon!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ultrasound pics!!

As promised...some ultrasound pics from yesterday.

This is the magic picture where our baby girl revealed herself. I don't know what I'm looking at, or why this means "girl," but here it is!

A more obvious picture of the latest addition...she's sucking her thumb!

A 4-D Image...kind of scary, but cool nonetheless!

We're so excited!


Jen & Brian

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

It was a gloomy, rainy day today, work was exhausting, and I am sick as a dog...but none of that matters because we just found out that we are having a baby girl!! We had the very involved ultrasound today, and everything looked wonderful! She weighs in at a whopping 14 oz, and is already sucking her thumb. We're both SO excited!! It was so amazing to set eyes on the little girl who's been wiggling around in my belly..

An outside view of our baby girl

We have a ton of ultrasound pics that we need to scan, and will post asap!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dallas Holiday Adventures!

After a few weeks of braving snow and freezing temperatures, we were looking forward to some different weather during our trip to Dallas! We headed off in the rain, and arrived to sun and 65+ degree temperatures in Texas!

Our first order of business was to celebrate Christmas with the Patenaude clan...just a couple of days late! Many Patenaude's converged on the house, and we enjoyed a night of yummy food and present opening. Maggie and Ron prepared an amazing feast, and it was so nice to catch up with them in person.

The Patenaude Christmas Tree

Jenny assists in Christmas dinner preparation

Jenny, Sean, and Adriah take a moment to pose

Ava and Maggie enjoy playing with some new toys

Several generations of Patenaude women enjoy some time together on the couch

We didn't realize that the hoodie we bought for Adriah's gift had ears! Hopefully that's what the kids like these days.

After our Christmas celebration, we settled in to some good family time. Ron and Maggie treated us to an authentic lunch of some home cooking at a place called "Babes." When the only two menu options are "fried chicken" and "chicken fried steak," you know they know what they're doing.

We then began mad preparations for our New Years Eve celebration! We kicked it into high gear, and Jenny and Maggie helped me prepare a somewhat ambitious menu for New Years Eve! A ton of Brian's friends came over to ring in the new year...and there were three pregnant ladies in the group! Quite a feat...

Hot and Tart chicken wings finally hit the grill. (After two days of marinating!)

Shortbread cookies just begging to be eaten

Gussied up and slicing the beef tenderloin. This would be the last we'd see of it, as it disappeared off the plate in record time!

The Spread

Three pregnant ladies pose amidst the madness

Ron ponders the new year ahead...

Maggie with her best Zoolander pose

Jen...a little TOO close up

This picture in no way accurately depicts how hilarious this white boy dance party really was

We finished off our visit on New Years Day with a big lunch of Mexican food, and headed off to the airport! It was a wonderful trip and a perfect end to the holiday season!

(Brian will post a much more comprehensive picture update soon!

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Lynden!

We began our first leg of family holiday celebrations a little bit early, heading up to Lynden in the very short break in the weather a couple of days before Christmas! We haven't had a white Christmas in a long time so we were sort of hoping for one...and this year did not disappoint. It snowed and snowed, and then snowed some more. Probably to the tune of 2-3 feet! It was crazy. Thank goodness we had a supply of amazing food, games, and company to keep us from getting an extreme case of cabin fever. Brian will update the main adventures site with a full set of pics, but here a few...

Lunch with the ladies before the holiday celebrations begin.

Jen and Grandpa Larry wonder when Santa's going to arrive.

No matter how old we get, my Dad still reads the Christmas stories on Christmas Eve.

Presents under the tree sitting quietly before the madness begins

Brian couldn't wait for the snow to melt to try out his new driver.

A beautiful plate of cookies.

The Family sits down to an amazing Christmas Dinner prepared by Mom...(With a little help from the family). Prime rib, twice baked potatoes, and other goodness!

Brian creates an obscene snowman...Which my mom suggested he might like to make G-Rated so as not to confuse the neighborhood children.

Making snowmen is exhausting

Hogan (or Snow-Gan) frolicking in the deep powder!

After many years living in warm-ish climates, Brian finally masters the art of shoveling snow.

The Family!

It was a wonderful Christmas week in Lynden! Spending time with family is such a blessing, and we were only halfway done! We headed home to recuperate for a day or so and then jetted off to Dallas to spend New Years with the Patenaudes.

To be continued...