Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a mess!

I got home for work yesterday with the intention of relaxing after a long day, but when I opened the door to my house and was greeted by Ponch, I said, "Where's Polly, and why does it smell like a winery in here?" Much to my surprise, and not to my delight, I saw Polly on the OTHER side of her gate, standing in this mess:

Good times. Officially, I have no idea what happened. It appears however that Polly somehow managed to jump on to the counter top and rummage around enough so that she knocked the wine rack off the counter and on to the floor below. Somehow, one of the unopened wine bottles broke, spreading glass and soaking wine into our white carpet. So, the carpet is in an extreme state of messiness, and all of my guitar notes were ruined. (Thankfully, my guitar was not.) Polly was also so kind as to step directly INTO the puddle of wine, and wander around the living room, leaving lovely little wine stained paw prints all over.

Does this look like the face of a canine that could make such a mess:

The carpet looks better, but not great. I think I might have to rent one of those fancy carpet cleaners this weekend. Oxi Clean can only do so much.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Update

This fall weather here in Washington is absolutely amazing. We both know a time will come in a few months when all there will be is rain, so we are trying to enjoy this as much as possible! The varying colors of the trees are truly astounding. We really enjoyed the drive up to Bellingham this weekend, it was truly gorgous!!

I was attending a bridal shower for my cousin Kelly, so Brian tagged along to make a weekend of it. We met my Mom, and stopped at a farm to get some pumpkins for pumkin carving!

After a delicious dinner on Saturday night, we carved pumpkins and relaxed!! The next day we enjoyed another amazing fall morning, and played a round of golf at Raspberry Ridge.

After golf, the bridal shower, and another gorgous drive back down to Seattle!

Have a great week!